Could you provide care to a gunshot victim? Could you save your loved ones life?

Random violence continues to strike. Parades, schools, businesses, and randomly in the streets. Please consider equipping yourself and loved ones with knowledge based on professional training and trauma kits designed to save lives from the three most common preventable causes of pre-hospital trauma; Massive Extremity Bleeding, Penetrating Chest Trauma and Airway Obstruction.

Learn to identify and prioritize traumatic injuries, treat with the most up-to-date wound care devices and move victims up the chain of survival.

Immediate Response Training, LLC offers Immediate Trauma Care training and certification based on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) principles and American Red Cross certified life saving programs.

Please visit our training services page to view training options and scheduled events.

Immediate Trauma Care (TECC + Stop the Bleed)Click here for registration info
10a- 2pGlenbard Security Inc,
Villa Park

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