Courses currently available in the Chicagoland Area:

Active Threat Planning

This course is designed for organization leaders, facilities managers, health and saftey professionals and disaster recovery planners. People prepared for the worst can be the key to ensuring your organization reacts properly to threats, has the equipment necessary and recovers quickly from disaster.

Active Shooter Response

This course is designed for individuals and organizations seeking to learn best practices for responding to active shooter scenarios. We’ll get your people prepared in; how to recognize workplace violence, how to protect others and yourself, how to respond when law enforcement arrives and dealing with the aftermath of violence.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) for First Care Providers

This course is designed for individuals and organizations and provides certification in TECC. In the event of a mass casualty event, time is the enemy of the wounded. The more people prepared to step up and provide care, the better the chances are for survival. TECC is the globally recognized standard for initial, pre-medical first aid.

First Aid/CPR/AED Training

This course provides individuals with basic First Aid, CPR, and AED certification through the American Red Cross.

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